Pizza & Pasta

No matter what your game is, at the end of the day, it’s quality you’re after. At The you can count on it - from our delicious pizza to fine atmosphere stores, from great staff to fast delivery. provides two experiences under one roof, with a full service, family friendly casual dining restaurant and a corporate Lunch ‘De Point’. Our restaurant also has an outdoor patio to accommodate guests during the warmer months. The restaurant is perfect for families, teams and groups of all ages. The dine-in feature sports memorabilia, TV and games in a contemporary setting

Delicious Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Calzones and Array of Appetizers with mouth watering Dryer’s Grand Ice Cream; these are few attributes that keep our Guests coming back again and again.

If you are planning a private party or a kids birthday, you are always welcome! We are ready to organize it! If you are still considering any birthday present ideas for girls - remember that fun party with birthday cake will make every kid happy!

We even offer a new online ordering option for ultimate convenience. If you’re already The Pizza Factory Ontario regular, you know the deal. For all our first-timers, you’ll catch on to this simple fact soon enough: we take the pizza experience to the next level.

Also organizing a fabulous event is within our powers and abilities. We are always ready to serve delicious pastas, entries with meat cooked on the grill with tasty Italian sauces. With the help of professional catering services for events we will make your party unforgettable! When we are talking about the abilities of our chefs, be sure that only true professionals are working here with modern appliances like best quality cookware sets including various sauce and fry pens, all needed tools and other important elements that are making the work more comfortable and safe as well.






Catering Services:
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